Speaking of Hokkaido the majestic earth spreading endlessly.

I live in Chiba prefecture.

I live in Chiba prefecture. I went to Hokkaido nearly ten times on a trip. It is Sapporo, Kushiro, Hakodate, Otaru, Rusutsu. The first time I went to Rusutsu by skiing. Although it was the second time for skiing, the first time it was spring skiing, there was not much snow, the beginner course was closed, it was a scary feeling in ice burn condition. That's why I did not like skiing, but Rusutsu's powder snow was really the best, even nearing beginners I got to skid properly! Because it is fluffy and Sara Sara's snow, it does not hurt to fall, and I am not scared, so I slid it! I was fascinated by the powder snow and then went skiing about three times. If it is skiing, Hokkaido is the best. Then, Kushiro is sightseeing. I got to know the face with my aunt at the market! Anyhow, the food was delicious, could you say it on the market without permission? I buy warm rice and have fresh seafood on. Sea urchin and Ikura, I like button shrimp, but I am sweet enough to melt. I went to a pub in the evening, but there are plenty of fish menu and cheap anyway! I felt like I was going down. I went to Sapporo for sightseeing too many times, but the most impressive thing was that I was in the victory parade of Nippon Ham Fighters! I am a Lotte fan, but I got excited about having the same pallet! Shinjo-san, Darvish pitcher, Ogasawara player etc. I waved hands pretty close! I'm sorry that I could not take photos well because I was absorbed in shaking hands. In Otaru, a music box and glass are famous, but I had the glass studio make original glasses. When I went there for the first time I made a glass of pink when I went glass the next year. It's been over ten years ago, but I still use that glass carefully. I certainly thought it was the name ""silver bell"", but when I ask for a drink there at a coffee shop, I can take a cup and a glass. We have two cups and glasses. I wonder if you still do it? The night view of Hakodate's 1 million dollar was also beautiful. But Hokkaido is the best to say that the food is delicious anyway. Genghis Khan was also the best, and the noodles were delicious, too .... Also sushi .... Because I do not get a chance, so around here. Well go. In the case of

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